For salesmen, marketers, and company owners, email remains an enormously essential tool. Regardless of the sector you work in, this is true. Over 3.9 billion people use email, in actuality. And by 2023, that figure is anticipated to increase to 4.3 billion.


You must thus be able to send a large number of emails as quickly and effectively as you can if you want to have the best chance of reaching your prospects, potential workers, or audience. However, it is simpler to say than to execute when selecting a bulk email provider. In order to assist you in making the right decision, we will examine the top 11 bulk email service providers in 2023 in this post.


Why Send Email in Bulk?

In comparison to a personalized email, a mass email blast is less focused. Here, you’re attempting to get your message in front of as many subscribers as you can. You’ll have a better chance of achieving our marketing KPIs in this method.


To promote additional sales, a company that operates an online store can, for instance, provide a discount to its subscribers. A publisher of information could want to encourage visitors to click through to their homepage, which features a sales video. Another possibility is that a business will soon be releasing a new product and needs to inform their market.


82% of businesses, according to a recent research, use email marketing technology in some capacity. Because of this, you are already behind the times if you only use Gmail or Outlook. But you must be aware of the qualities to seek in the ideal instrument.


What Characterizes a Reliable Mass Email Sender?

The ideal program would make sending mass emails as simple as pressing a button. Mass emailing presents certain difficulties, though.


When utilizing a standard email marketing platform, it might get expensive. Your domain must not be banned, which is the second thing you must watch out for. It starts to set off spam filters when you send a lot of emails from a common domain.


As a result, eventually your business’s domain will become so blacklisted that very few of your prospects will see your email. These are some other characteristics you should consider having in your tool of choice in addition to those mentioned above:


Templates with a High Delivery Rate (and Reputation) for Contact Management Analytics Automation

The top 11 bulk email service companies in 2023 that offer some or all of the following essential characteristics are as follows:


1. The Right Inbox



You may send your contact list in mass within minutes with Right Inbox’s mail merging service. You can get more out of your email by using the Right Inbox Gmail extension, which resides smoothly inside your Gmail inbox. You may send out your own personal message to a huge number of individuals in just 5 easy steps.


Your mass email outreach is more likely to be successful and receive feedback if the mail merging tool is used with automated email follow-ups and email templates. With this functionality, we eliminate the extra processes that Mail Merge has traditionally required in Gmail. Professionals just starting out with mass email marketing should definitely use Right Inbox because of their incredibly competitive price.




Open & Link Tracking for Email

Templates for Email

Consistent Emails

Messages of Reminder

Series of emails

Tiers of pricing


Limited features and a free tier (bulk emails excluded)

Personal Plan: $7.95 monthly, paid yearly

Professional Plan: $14.95 monthly, payable yearly



MailShake mailshake site


Because it makes cold email outreach more efficient, MailShake is one of the top bulk email senders. For you and your entire team, it truly is an all-in-one solution that improves the efficiency of managing emails.


For sending emails, tracking, and especially integrations, it has an intuitive platform. It makes sense why it’s becoming more and more popular among email applications. This bulk email program has the following potent capabilities, to name a few:




Split-testing Lead Catcher Follow-up Sequences, Social Integration Phone Calls

Tiers of pricing


Standard Plan: $59 monthly

“Sales Engagement Plan” for $99 per month

3. MailerLite’s main page


Smaller-list businesses should use this mass email service. The cost for MailerLite is hence rather affordable. Greater subscriber bases are not possible because you can only send 12,000 emails each month.


Although it makes an effort to be a simplified tool, it offers some fundamental tools for constructing comprehensive campaigns. You could do better with any of the other bulk email programs on our list if you want a wide variety of personalization options and limitless campaign permutations.




Pricing Tiers for A/B Testing, Send by Time Zone, and Campaign Builder Built-In


Monthly cost: $10

Each month, $15

Monthly cost: $50

The homepage for SendGrid


You may tailor your emails using the sophisticated options that SendGrid offers. The software lets you alter designs, scheduling, analytics, contacts, and more. By doing this, you can be sure that your marketing staff has everything they require to function effectively.


Another benefit is the capacity to interface with other systems. Although it is not the most affordable bulk email sending solution, it is great for individuals who enjoy customizing every aspect of their emails.




Bounce and spam reports with Real-Time Analytics Adaptable API

Different Price Levels for Customized Landing Pages:


Each month, $15

Monthly cost: $90

5. Mail Gun


Thousands of subscribers may be emailed in masse in a matter of seconds with Mail Gun. To maintain good deliverability, you can use it to filter out erroneous emails. It also provides API options so you can combine it with other programs and keep your team’s email marketing headquarters simple.


It was designed with developers in mind. In other words, using APIs is a key component of the service, not merely an afterthought. Additionally, the availability of 24-hour customer service guarantees that any problems may be fixed swiftly, preventing the need for your emails to wait around before being sent. Examining its specifications and cost:




Analytics for API Integration Email Validation Sending Burst Inbox Deliverability Pricing Tiers:


$35.00 per month

Monthly cost: $80

Monthly cost: $90

Elastic Email Homepage Elastic Email


You may pick between a monthly or pay-as-you-go payment schedule with Elastic Email, a well-liked email blast sender. This might be a useful addition to an email marketing program for businesses operating on an extremely low budget. You may schedule all of your campaigns at once using the bulk sender tool, each with its own set of parameters.


Messages that have already been sent can be recognized using advanced AI. In addition to making your subscribers angry, this helps eliminate duplication. In order to evaluate which emails have done the best, the program provides email tracking. View the individuals who have read, clicked, and even purchased your blast. Tens of millions of emails are also sent by you each month. Ones of its attributes is:




A/B Evaluation

dragging and dropping Tracking Links for Email Builder

Pricing Tiers for Simple Template Management:


Each month, $15

Each month, $30

.09 cents per 1,000 emails (pay as you go)

The SendinBlue 7.



One of the most advanced mass email solutions for 2023 has been dubbed SendinBlue. One advantage it already has over rivals is its customization features, which let users build bespoke layouts.


SendinBlue offers an unusual method of billing in terms of price. This platform solely sets costs based on the volume of emails that you will be sending, as opposed to offering a fixed fee. Moreover, 300 emails may be sent each day without cost. All of their plans include unlimited contact storage, and their prices are incredibly competitive.




Unlimited Contact Storage, Customizable Templates, and Pricing Levels:


a monthly gift of $400

$500 per month

8. ConvertKit Home page for Convert Kit


An expert mass email sender is ConvertKit. Serving the creative sector, including bloggers and authors, is its main objective. There aren’t many features at all. A/B testing and predictive sending are two examples of what it lacks.


It can, however, do the trick for information producers that require a rapid means to send emails. Without complicated settings that get in the way, it manages to do much of what other email applications can. For one-man businesses looking for an easy way to send email blasts to their subscribers without a marketing crew, it is an excellent solution.




dragging and dropping Editor Mass mailing Reasonable Support Wait Times Pricing Tiers:


$30 per month for free

Monthly cost: $59

10. Mail Marketer



Mail Marketer is a useful bulk email resource to keep in mind if you’re targeting the Indian market. To your whole list, you may simultaneously send bulk emails. Users can utilize the pre-built Mail Marketer suggestions or upload their own email templates.


Your marketing team can keep track of success with real-time data, which can also help to boost email-generated income. Looking at its main attributes and available price alternatives, we can say that:




Credits Google Analytics Integration Email Open Tracking Link Click Tracking Prices for Don’t Expire:


$39 a month

Monthly cost: $299

$1,099 per month

9. ActiveCampaign



The best email marketing tool for 2023 has been ActiveCampaign. There are almost 90,000 small company clients, if you’re interested in statistics. Just consider sending mass emailings to that many potential customers.


One of the best email marketing tools available today has long been thought of as ActiveCampaign. Email personalisation also enables you to add a personalised touch to your emails by allowing you to generate unique names and other consumer information.




Numberless emails

Testing A/B with Advanced Analytics

Tiers of Pricing for Premium Support:


Monthly cost: $111

Monthly cost: $399

12.1 Moosend



Moosend is a terrific choice to take into consideration if you are new to mass email marketing or are still learning it. However, it can serve as a starting point. Their features might not be on the same level as MailShake or some of the others. For smaller, one-person businesses that need to send out bulk emails to a large number of recipients, it could be the best option.




Numberless emails

Providing Assistance

Price: Simple for Novices


$8 monthly for nothing

Individualized Pricing

It might be difficult to choose the best bulk email provider. Each one offers a distinct range of features and costs. Review the above list carefully, and consider the unique requirements of your company. You may then choose the tool that is most suited to your needs to reach your market on a large scale. These tools make it simpler than ever to email many people while maintaining a personal touch.

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